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Counselling is a talking therapy offering a safe space to talk about difficult feelings and issues.   This can help you to explore these feelings, to discover what is at the root of them and how issues from the past may be playing out in the present. I can understand things from your perspective but also what may be blocking you from moving forward. I can help you to understand and value yourself more, to believe in yourself and learn to trust yourself and others.  This will help you to reconnect with your inner values and sense of self-worth enabling you to move forward and make progress at your own pace. Counselling facilities beneficial change and is useful in aiding recovery from depression, anxiety, stress and grief. Sessions can be online via video platform, email, text or telephone.

Our Services



Some people prefer telephone or online counselling for convenience or, sometimes, for added anonymity.  You can choose online therapy from the following: 
Video Platform (for example, Zoom or VeeSee).  We would arrange an appointment for me to call and the session would be carried out in the usual way.
Text-based synchronous chat.  As before, we would arrange an appointment time for me to start the chat session and we would exchange texts in the same way that we would have a conversation in the counselling room
Email exchange.  We would exchange emails but would set ‘appointment’ times for the return of each email. 



Relationships can go through troubles but that need not mean the relationship needs to end.  If handled effectively these can knit a couple closer together.

The aim of couple counselling is to explore issues, improve communication and problem solving and develop deeper understanding and respect for each other.  Many of my couple clients have discovered new things about themselves and their partner, really helping them to move forward more happily.

However, during counselling, some couples realise that their differences are too great and parting is inevitable. Counselling can help to make this parting less acrimonious.






When traumatic events happen, the body’s natural coping strategies can be overwhelmed and the memory isn’t always processed adequately, causing nightmares & flashbacks. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (lights, buzzers, etc) to aid the brain to heal itself and process these difficult memories, losing their intensity and being replaced by positive self beliefs. 

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing helps all traumas and, also, depression, phobias, anxiety and low self esteem.

Benefits of EMDR therapy:

Reduction in traumatic memories, stress, anxiety, hopelessness & depression

More able to cope with trauma and more able to enjoy activities and relationships

Boost in self confidence and self esteem



As BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor I offer my empathy and warmth to support your counselling practice, whether you are very experienced or new to the profession (or even a student). 
I combine theories such as humanistic, cognitive behavioural, solution focused, attachment and my professional experience helping clients with a wide variety of presenting issues.  
I believe in respect at all times and am keen to emphasise the positive in my supervisee’s work to increase their confidence and to work constructively so that they feel safe and supported and can increase their own knowledge and improve their practice.




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Robb Walters

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