The Counselling Room
The Counselling Room   

The Counselling Session

Counselling is a “talking therapy” as recommended by the medical profession. 

Talking to a qualified consellor in a non- judgmental confidential atmosphere can help you gain clarity and move forward. 

Counselling is not about giving advice, I am here to help you find your own best way forward. I will not be passing judgment, not be imposing my views or values on you nor will I be shocked as to what you may say.

The sessions will be at your pace, you will be “in charge” at all times.  You will decide what you want to talk about and how deeply you want to go.  I will be helping you to explore your feelings - discover how you really feel about people and issues in your life. 

Many Clients are surprised at what they discover but if this starts to feel uncomfortable for you, you can decide not to explore any further and I will not press you.  Your issues are in the present and we will be talking in the present. There may be links to the past and making these links can help shed new light on the present. You may wish to work short term or long term.

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and normally take place weekly to give time to reflect on issues raised during the session.  It is usual to make a contract of 6 consecutive sessions but it may be necessary to have 12 sessions or more, depending on the issues involved. Although a couple of sessions may be useful, full benefit will be received through completing the contract. It is not possible to say how many sessions would be required to help you to move forward but the more you engage with the process, the more successful will be the outcome.

To receive the full benefit, counselling needs to take place over a period of time, issues are revealed and examined like the layers of an onion. All this can be discussed and explained at our initial meeting

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